Issue 1 Alternative; 50 Years Since Landmark Free Speech Decision & Start-Up Kids

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Issue 1, a Constitutional amendment that would have reduced some felony drug prosession and usage charges to misdemeanors, fell hard on election day. But an alternative that could help achieve one of the goals, treatment over incarceration, has been offered by the Columbus city attorney and the Franklin County prosecutor. What are the chances for legislative reform of drug laws? Discussion on The Sound of Ideas. Then, we'll hear from Mary Beth Tinker, plaintiff in a 50-years-old landmark court decision over students right to free speech. And, we'll meet sister Start-Up Kids who created an app for homeschoolers. 



HomieSchooler App



-Zach Klein, Columbus City Attorney 

-Ron O’Brien, Franklin County Prosecutor 

-State Sen. Larry Obhof, President, Ohio Senate 

-Mary Beth Tinker, Free Speech Activist & Plaintiff, 1969 Tinker v. Des Moines Supreme Court Case 

-Maya Serna, 11th grader & Creator, HomieSchooler App 

-Nina Serna, 8th grader& Creator, HomieSchooler App 

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