Is Ohio Ready For The Election?

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I just today decided to drop off my absentee ballot at the BOE for Lorain County. It was 10:30 in the morning and a heavy mist was streaming down. There was a line that extend to 12 people waiting outside. I had my 20 month old with me and decided turning in my ballot at that time was not economical. If people are already lining up on the Monday the week before election week, what is it going to look like on election day?
Dwight, Lorain

When I voted early last week at the Board of Elections...
No security screening was used on electors as they walked through the lobby where you're sitting, Which Is As It Should Be.
BUT, I had TOTAL ACCESS To ALL AREAS and All Floors of the Board!
Once I hit the stairwell and basement elevator lobby, I could go up, down and wander all around most floors.
Is this also the case when they're COUNTING VOTES on November 4th?

Steve, Cleveland

This is for Secretary Brunner. I tried to do my homework before I voted early, but when I got my ballot I was surprised by how many judge contests were on the it. I don't vote in a race where I haven't researched the candidates. I tried really had to find a sample ballot on line, but I was unsuccessful. Even the official county board of elections site didn't have one. I figure that preparing the ballot for publication on line would require very little more work than just preparing it for printing. Could it be required to get sample ballots on line before the next election?
John, Summit County

Do you feel the electronic machines are safe against electronic fraud? I have seen information about undetectable software that can change the totals. When campaigns spend millions of dollars, how difficult would it be to bribe someone to shade vote counts by a few percent? A small change over many polling places may not trigger an audit.
GM, Orrville

On my absentee ballot I notice I could write-in someone in Lawson-Jones/Sutherland race but not for Hagan (unopposed) for county commissioner.
Why doesn't that option apply in both cases?

signed "frustrated citizens for choice"

Early voting is also occurring because Americans want change now...if we could vote for Innaugural Day moving to Nov. 8, 2008 we would in overwhelming numbers as well.


Jane Platten, Director, Cuyahoga County Board of Elections
Candice Hoke, Director, Center for Election Integrity, Cleveland State University
Jennifer Brunner, Ohio Secretary of State
José A. Candelario, Director, Lorain County Board of Elections

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