How Early Should Students Pick Their Careers?

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At what age should someone know what to pursue for a living? Should you have to declare a college major upon admittance? Should choices be more narrow in community college? And we know college isn't for everyone, but when should a student know that and when should they pick a vocation? In states like Texas and South Carolina, eighth graders are making academic choices based on planned careers. Appropriate or way too early?  Program first aired April 14, 2015.



Jon Sommers, Director of Career Development, Career Direct

Patricia Reid, Guidance Counselor, Clover Middle School, South Carolina

Danette Maldonado, 7th Grade Counselor, Burbank Middle School, Houston, Texas

Lori Varlotta, President, Hiram College

Elly Martin-CSU Student-Communication Major

Elise Schramp-HR Manager, TMG Performance Products

Nate Bishko- Director of Excel TECC Technical Education Career Consortium in Mayfield

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