Fake News, Hate Speech and Downtown Wintertime

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Fake news can be easily circulated through social media and can start with a kernel of truth or just be conjured from absolutely nothing. And many people are duped by fake news stories, accepting the information as fact and then spreading the falsehoods. What impact does that have on our society? Facebook and Google say they want to rein in fake news. But don't consumers have a responsibility to make sure it's legitimate? On The Sound of Ideas with Mike McIntyre, we'll discuss the rise of fake news, efforts to combat it and ways for you to determine fact from fiction. Also, should social media limit what some determine to be "hate speech?" And, a look at activities to do in wintertime downtown. 



Cleveland Public Square

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-Melissa Zimdars, Assistant Professor of Communication, Merrimack University
-George Rodrigue, Editor, The Plain Dealer
-Ian Friedman, Volunteer Attorney, ACLU Ohio, Criminal Defense Attorney and Cleveland Marshall Law School Professor of Cyber Crime
-Danielle Sarver Coombs, Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Kent State University
-Sanaa Julien, CEO Public Square Programming and Operations, Public Square  

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