Cuyahoga County Jail Conditions & How Tax Reform Affects Charity Donations

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An independent investigation into the Cuyahoga County Jail by the US Marshals found inhumane conditions for inmates, including food used as punishment, unsanitary living spaces, excessive use of force and inadequate medical and mental health care. On The Sound of Ideas, we’ll discuss how the jail became one of the worst in the nation. Then, how tax reform could impact charitable contributions this year. 



Reporting from on U.S. Marshals Report 

Reporting from on how jail become one of the worst in the nation


Segment 1: Cuyahoga County Jail Conditions

-Adam Ferrise, Reporter, 

-Courtney Astolfi, Reporter,

-Peter Elliot, U.S. Marshal, Northern District of Ohio

-George Taylor, Chief Deputy, Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department & Interim Director of Cuyahoga County Jails 

-Deborah Geier, Professor of Law, Cleveland State University 

-Dan Mansoor, Founder, GoodWorks 

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