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On behalf of our 2500 members, I want to thank Congressman Regula for his efforts in establishing the park and for his ongoing support of funding for the park. We are especially grateful for his support of Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center, which assures that children from Northeastern Ohio have a chance to experience and learn in our wonderful national park. His vision and efforts have made a significant difference in the lives of many people--especially children.
Deb Yandala, Chief Executive Officer
Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association

I want to congratulate Congressman Regula on his brilliant career and express my deep gratitude for his key role in forming Ohio's only national park, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and his continued support throughout the decades.
Enjoy the next chapter and see you on the Towpath Trail!

Sarah Jaquay, Cleveland

Just wanted to take a moment to thank Congressman Regula for all of his years of service. I met him and Mrs. Regula when I worked for Ameritech in Stark County. He was my Congressman. He invited me to his home and discussed his love of nature and his community…. He was just a tremendous legislator and continues to be a great man. He truly understood the need to cross the aisle and work with ALL people to get REAL work done – a true public servant….
Stan Miller, Executive Director
Cleveland NAACP

Thank you for the Sound Of Ideas today featuring Congressman Regula.
In brief, I was born in NE Ohio and moved to the big, magnetic metropolitan areas on the East and West Coasts. I returned here regularly to visit family. It was only after my family moved to Hudson that my neices and nephews introduced me to the National Park "in their back yard".
I moved back to NEO because of family and The Cuyahoga Valley National Park. In fact, I found a way to live in the CVNP!
My gratitude to the likes of Cogressmen Regula and Siberling for there wisdom and leadership.
Relatedly, yesterday's topic: WCPN Takes An Inventory of Itself was wonderful. I would have called but today's discussion further refined my thinking: WCPN should have a regular feature such as "What's Happening in Our National Park Today, This Week" or the like.
Just as Dee Perry covers the arts each weekday noon, there needs to be a regularly scheduled feature covering the myriad activities going on "down in the Valley". By the way, there are many arts and cultural events weekly in the Park -- from concerts to photography classes to educational nature hikes. Please cover them.
WCPN and CVNP: a Natural Alliance.
Keep Up the Excellent Work. WCPN is my favorite NPR outlet and I have regularly, addicitively listened to the DC, Boston, San Francisco and Seattle outlets. On balance WCPN tops the list.
Thank you for all you do.

Thom, Peninsula

Dear Representative Regula,
You have commented that as a Republican, you have at times departed from the party leadership during your tenure.
Could you please give us a candid assessment of President Bush's administration over the last 8 years and how you may have differed with the direction that President Bush has taken the country? Thank you.

David, Concord

Just wanted to drop a line and a big thanks to Congressman Regula for all he has done in representing Ohio and in particular for his work on the Ohio & Erie National Heritage Canalway. I hope to see him sometime on the towpath trail! I’ve not yet been on the stretch of the “Regula Towpath Trail” (extending 25 miles in Massillon and western Stark County).

Please extend a great thanks to Congressman Regula for his role in the creation of the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area. The Cleveland Metropolitan area is competing with places such as Seattle and Portland for our educated young people. Parks such as this are a large part of what draw Cleveland has for these folks. Stopping to think about this for a minute, I realized how large a loss I would feel if we did not have the CVNRA. Congressman Regula showed a lot of fore sight in preserving this land.


Congressman Ralph Regula (Republican, formerly OH-16)

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