Brain Aneurysms; Inside a Suicide Hotline & "The Story of a Face"

Credit: National Geographic
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A brain aneurysm, an abnormal buldge in a weakened vessel wall inside the brain, is a serious medical issue. A burst aneurysm can be deadly. But there's encouraging treatment news, including blood-flow diverting stents that don't require open surgery. Do those carry risk? Should all aneurysms be treated? I'm Mike McIntyre. The latest in aneurysm treatment, tomorrow morning at 9 on the Sound of Ideas. Later, we'll take you inside a suicide hotline. And, we'll bring you the story of the youngest woman in the US to receive a face transplant. 



Cleveland Clinic Brain Aneurysm Awareness Run

Saturday, Sept 15th at 8:30am


Cuyahoga County's 24/7 Suicide Hotline: 216-623-6888

Or if you prefer to chat, visit

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)


-Dr. Shazam Hussain, Director, Cerebrovascular Center, Cleveland Clinic 

-Rhonda Kitzmiller, Brain Aneurysm Patient & Survivor 

-Rick Oliver, Director of Crisis Services, FrontLine Service 

-John Rudolph, Crisis Intervention Specialist, FrontLine Service 

-Joanna Connors, Writer, “The Story of a Face” for National Geographic & Reporter, The Plain Dealer 

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