Anthology Highlights Migrant And Immigrant Experiences In Ohio

"Far From Their Eyes: Ohio Migration Anthology"
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Last Friday, the city of Cleveland kicked off "Welcoming Week" - an effort and a series of events organized by Global Cleveland, designed to celebrate the diverse immigrant communities that make up the region.

There will be naturalization ceremonies, street events, author lectures, and cooking events, all highlighting the region's various ethnic groups.

Along with these live events - a new collection of essays, poems, short stories, and artwork will shine a light on the experience on the immigrants and migrants who have long been in the area.

The project is called "Far From Their Eyes: Ohio Migration Anthology".
In its' introduction, the anthology asks "what is far, and what is close?" in an effort for us to see and absorb the common humanity of all the groups referenced within its pages.

To begin this hour, we discuss the new work with its editor - and with two of the contributors. A retired social worker and past president of The Cleveland Association of Black Storytellers, and a clinical social worker who has met with asylum detainees.

Later in the hour, we'll hear some reporting on a new 'green space coalition'. The Land is helping to organize several area groups to advocate for more equitable green spaces. An issue that is playing into the Cleveland mayoral race.

Finally on program, a preview of this month's Science Cafe lecture, which is focused on urban forestry – and takes a Dickensian approach to the issue.


- Lynn Tramonte, Director, Ohio Immigrant Alliance and Editor “Far From Their Eyes: Ohio Migrant Anthology”

- Shari Nacson, Clinical Social Worker and Freelance Editor

- Michele Rudolph, Past President, Cleveland Association of Black Storytellers and Retired Social Worker

- Lee Chilcote, Editor and Founder, The Land

- Anastazia Vanisko, Network Builder, Neighborhood Connections

- David Wilson, Project Manager, LAND Studio

- Kevin Mueller, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences, Cleveland State University


September's Science Cafe Lecture


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