Truth Be Told: Race and Dating

Physical attraction can seem like a nebulous thing. But is it? Have you ever thought about what role your racial identity plays? According to some recent data, it’s huge. Data from Facebook’s "Are You Interested" show that in online dating, most men (except Asian men) prefer Asian women, and all women (except black women) prefer white men. That data makes it harder to argue that you can point to some ethereal “preference.” And if it’s not your preference driving your attraction to others, then just what is it? One researcher has found that people may limit where they look, for fear that they aren’t attractive to other groups. In other words, they’re avoiding rejection. But what happens if people get over their fear of rejection and consider people of other races as their partners? Do we get a culture more open to mixed-race dating and ultimately a culture that’s more accepting in general? Maybe, maybe not. We talk about sexual stereotypes, sexual racism and online dating.

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