To The Best Of Our Knowledge: Death (A Five-Part Series): The Last Moment

We will present a rich, cross-cultural perspective on death and dying, speaking with a wide range of guests - from medical professionals and morticians to historians, anthropologists, religious thinkers and writers. Our series will also feature highly-produced personal segments, including one story that follows a terminally-ill man over the course of a year - from the months leading up to his death, to his “green” burial.

Contrary to popular belief, death is not a moment in time - when the heart stops beating and the brain stops functioning. Death is a process that can take hours, and with the new science of resuscitation, physicians can actually revive “dead” patients. We’ll talk with emergency room doctors, and we’ll also examine the lively debate over how to explain near-death experiences. Do these remarkable experiences reveal another dimension of reality, or are they simply the biochemical product of a brain that’s shutting down?

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