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" Surrounded by Sound "

We are exploring sound this hour. Bernie Krause was a member of “The Weavers,” got involved in electronic music, and made music and effects for feature films. That was just a warm-up for his real career recoding sounds in the wild. He’s traveled all over the world recording creatures and environments and now has published a book called “The Great Animal Orchestra.” He tells Anne Strainchamps about his recordings. Dean Lockwood knows sounds from the real world, but he also knows the sounds inside the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft. Lockwood teaches media theory at the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom. He tells Jim Fleming about his essay called “Mongrel Vibrations: HP Lovecraft’s Weird Ecology of Noise.”

TTBOOK Technical Director Caryl Owen offers listeners the opportunity to remix the TTBOOK theme music. Details are at The business world of advertising has always cared about sound. There was a time when everyone knew the big jingles of the day, whether they wanted to or not. Timothy Taylor is an ethnomusicologist at UCLA and the author of “The Sounds of Capitalism.” He tells Anne Strainchamps about the very first jingle.

Perhaps you have heard the Coca-Cola “pop and pour” sound effect, or the Atari Video Games audio logo. It turns out both were written by Susanne Ciani (CHAH-nee). She tells Steve Paulson about the time in the early Seventies when she encountered the synthesizer for the first time. She says it changed her life.

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