The State We're In

DATE: 29 April 2011
PRODUCTION #: 1013929
HOST: Jonathan Groubert
SHOW TITLE: Confronting History

The Perfect Nazi, Martin Davidson, hidden identities, Nazi war crimes, antisemitism, Polish Jews, neo-Nazis, rediscovered faith, Wafa Abdelrahman, Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, The Hunger, Casablanca, The Downfall

SEGMENT A: (12:30)

THE PERFECT NAZI: Growing up, Martin Davidson had suspicions about his German grandfather, Bruno. Outwardly everything was normal: Bruno seemed to be just a retired dentist from Berlin. But it wasn't until he died that Martin discovered his grandfather was in an elite branch of the SS and a fervent believer in the Nazi cause.

TEASER B: Jonathan tells us what's coming up in the B segment

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SEGMENT B: 18:30 THIS WEEK'S THEME IS: Confronting History

THE PERFECT NAZI UNVEILED: Martin talks to Jonathan about the impact of finding out the family secrets surrounding his grandfather, Bruno, and how it's changed his sense of what justice is.

THE RABBI AND THE SKINHEAD: Rabbi Michael Schudrich first arrived in Poland in 1973, where the Holocaust and communism had virtually wiped Jewish culture out. Pawel was a neo-Nazi skinhead, who used to beat up Jews and anyone else he and his gang didn't think were "pure" Polish. They reveal to Jonathan how an incredible discovery made their paths cross.

TEASER C: Jonathan tells us what's coming up in the C segment
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SEGMENT C: 19:00

RABBI AND THE SKINHEAD: Rabbi Schudrich and Pawel continue their tale of unlikely discovery with Jonathan.

A CINEMATIC EXILE: Wafa Abdelrahman is an Egyptian cinephile whose best friend, a filmmaker, was killed by the Mubarak regime for refusing to be their snitch. When the government started pressuring Wafa to become an informant, too, he fled Egypt, leaving his young son Tommy behind. Now Wafa dreams of a return to Egypt and is planning to make a secret film.


Martin Davidson
Rabbi Michael Schudrich
Wafa Abdelrahman

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