Radio Lab 2011 - Sperm

Sperm carry half the genes needed for human life. In this hour of Radiolab: some basic questions and profound thoughts about reproduction. To begin, why so many sperm? We turn to the animal kingdom for answers, which lands us on a tour of sperm battles in ducks, flying pig sperm, and promiscuous whippoorwills. Then, we ponder fatherhood, and a world where sperm m can be frozen and kept for all eternity...what does the future holds for men? And we end quietly, with a widow struggling to keep some essence of her husband alive.

Each hour we take a big idea, so big that it lives everywhere, hiding in a thousand places under different names, and we chase that idea, going wherever whim takes us. Along the way, hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich interview, argue, imagine, and discover the hidden connections that make this idea so surprisingly powerful. And the sounds you hear are as new and startling as the ideas we explore. It's Technicolor radio. Radiolab is produced by WNYC, New York and distributed by National Public Radio.

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