Interfaith Voices – Gay in the Eyes of God

Open any Torah, Bible or Koran, and the passages about homosexuality seem clear: being gay is an abomination; a sin; something that incurs the wrath of God. But for some, these interpretations are changing."Gay in the Eyes of God" is a special production of Interfaith Voices, the leading religion news magazine on public radio. It explores the ways in which the major American religious traditions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) grapple with acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

Scriptural Interpretation
Jay Michaelson, author of God vs. Gay: The Religious Case for Equality

Catholics on LGBT Issues
Hilary and Celestine Ranney-Howes, a Catholic lesbian couple living in Greenbelt, MD (Hilary is transgender)
Eve Tushnet, a celibate Catholic lesbian

Orthodox Jews on LGBT Issues
Stories of gay and lesbian Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn, NY
Orthodox Rabbi Meir Fund, Congregation Sheves Achim, Brooklyn, NY

One Muslim’s View of LGBT Issues
Imam Daayiee Abdullah, Mosque for Enlightenment and Reform in Washington, DC

Evangelicals on LGBT Issues
The story of Anita Sherrill, an African-American lesbian in North Carolina

This special is hosted by Maureen Fiedler, produced by Deborah George, Jocelyn Frank, Laura Kwerel, John Biewen, John Kalish, Ellen Rolfes and Tali Singer.

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