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SEAWEED FOR ALL: Something important has just happened in the south of the Netherlands. Four small "modules" have been gently lowered into the sea for the start of experiments that hope to change people's eating habits forever. Seaweed is the future says its creator Willem Brandenburg. Chris Chambers watches the unveiling and asks whether it really is possible to bring seaweed into the mainstream.

THE PLIGHT OF THE ALBATROSS: Midway atoll is as far from civilization as it's possible to get. And that's why a million albatrosses have set up home there. But there's still no escaping the intrusions of twentieth century life. The photographer and filmmaker Chris Jordan has been documenting the impact of plastic in these birds' lives and it?s not a pretty sight.

ALBATROSS CONTINUED: The photographer Chris Jordan continues his chat with Chris about how visiting Midway Atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean has changed his life.

BEES NEED YOU: Tammy Horn loves bees. She's traded in her job as an English professor to concentrate on giving bees in the Appalachia region of Kentucky exactly what they want all year round. Not an easy task in an area where surface coal mining has changed the landscape and consequently the trees and plants which grow there.

SUNFLOWERS AND CONCRETE: Richard Reynolds wants to inject more color into people's lives. He's one of the world's leading guerrilla gardeners and he meets Chris behind Amsterdam central station to show him how it's possible to brighten things up. Just a handful of seeds and a trowel are necessary.

THE SEED MAN: Ever since he was able to crawl Ruurd Walrecht has had a love for collecting rare varieties of fruit and vegetables. Over forty years he built up one of the Netherlands' biggest collections. He talks about why it's important not to lose that tradition. And did you know that the carrot wasn't originally orange?


Willem Brandenburg
Chris Jordan
Tammy Horn
Richard Reynolds
Ruurd Walrecht

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