Civic Commons- Public Comment Periods and Government Bodies--is this microphone working?

Have you ever been to a school board meeting? Isn’t something about them kind of bizarre…almost like Kabuki Theater? A stylized dance where citizens stand and speak, board members listen (or not), papers get shuffled and then folks are thanked for their input and no real conversation takes place?

In this special on citizen engagement with public bodies like school boards and city councils, Dan and Luke try to understand and de-mystify school board meetings with the help of parents and school board members. It turns out that there are some things that can increase both citizen access and the amount of conversation. We just have to be willing to drop the makeup and masks.

The Civic Commons feature more citizen voices and less talking heads, more proactive conversation and less posturing and more reasons to get more involved in your region. Hosted by Dan Moulthrop and Noelle Celeste, produced by Luke Frazier of NOW Productions with assistance from WJCU and edited by Daniel Steinberg of Dim Sum Thinking and Erica Brenner of Brenner Productions. The podcast is part of The Civic Commons, a regional effort to bring more citizens into the conversations that matter

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