Your Answers: Write a "State of the School Year" speech!

Last week, we learned all about the “State of the Union” speech -- and we asked you to write a "State of the School Year" speech to give to their parents. 

My State of the School Year speech would be something like, "With all that is going on, this school year must continue. Throughout all our accomplishments and mistakes we should learn from our mistakes and appreciate our accomplishments. It may be tough currently, trying to get back on our feet after the pandemic, but now we all need to come together as a community to fight this battle against a pandemic that has taken over our lives. Right now is the most important time to get support and love from this world.

— Liliana & Liam, Ayer Elementary

I believe this school year has been going very well. I have many friends in all my classes and have been doing really well so far by getting straight A's all year! One of my goals for the rest of the school year is to continue getting straight A's and not acting up in my classes, not that I'm doing it now though!

— Franco, Berea-Midpark Middle School

Parents, I would like to thank you for listening to my 2022 State of the School Year speech. As a virtual school, I know things can be challenging. Kids like me miss social interactions with friends. Mental health is also an issue, as many students feel lost and stressed out. However, there are much more positive things to look out for. Our school has allowed us to keep schedules relaxed and work at their own pace. In addition, remote learning has enabled us to be more independent. Mom and Dad, I believe the State of the School Year is strong and will continue to be for many years to come!

— Arzan, Northwest Online School

If you seem weak, don't worry.  You dont stand alone, you're surrounded by people you know. They raise you up when you're down. If you're mad the people will notice and try to make you happy instead of ignoring you. We need to stop bullying and making people sad, so please stop. This school year is going great and I'm going to miss some of you guys next year!

— Alexander, Hillsdale Middle School

My speech would be, "If the school day is not great we can make it great, with some hope!"

— Sophia, Midview West


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