Your Answers: What would you write to a Ukrainian student?

We meet students in California, who have started a school-wide campaign to support their Ukrainian peers by writing encouraging letters. What would you write to a Ukrainian student?


I would write to a Ukrainian student to stay safe, be careful out there, there are a lot of bad things that are happening out in Ukraine. I would tell the students that you are loved by many people and that we are here to help you guys. I would let the students know my name, my age, and more stuff about me. And I am so sorry about what is happening in your country.

— Brad, Buckeye Intermediate

I feel terrible about what happened to you and how much loss you have gone through. I couldn’t imagine losing my home and having to flee my country. I am a 10 year old girl from America and want to know whoever receives this letter knows Americans are supporting you. I love Ukraine!

— Alia, Dover Intermediate school

Dear Ukrainian student, I'm so sorry for everything that you have been through. I hope that you are doing well with food, healt,h and water and I hope that you have enough pillows and things to keep you warm. We are trying our best to make a difference and help you guys. But it will be hard and I want you guys to stay strong and I hope you feel better and I hope if you are doing very horrible please stay strong.

— Sevan, Colerain Middle School

I would say "I'm very sorry for what you're going through, If you come to our school everyone will make you feel welcome. I hope you guys in Ukraine are doing good, and finding shelter around the world. Hopefully, you stay safe finding a new home!"

— Lila, Old Trail School

Dear Ukrainian student, I am here with you. Always stay strong and stand for what you believe in. You will be OK!  Just always, always remember I am here helping you.

— Ava, Avon Heritage Elementary

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