Worst Passwords of 2015

Most of our technology devices require passwords these days. From computer logins, to emails, to social media accounts... passwords prevent other users from gaining access to your accounts.

But how safe is your information?  Pay attention -- if your password is on this list, you might want to think about changing it.

The list of 2015's most stolen computer passwords is out. Splashdata, a security applications company, reviewed a list of millions of stolen passwords made public over the year. "One-two-three-four-five-six" was once again in the top spot. And "password" remained the number two password that was stolen. Really people? The word "football" was number seven and "baseball," number 10.

Maybe we should all try to be a little more creative when coming up with those passwords in the coming year.

Instructional Links

Video: NetSmartzKids, Password Rap


Lesson Plan: Commonsense Media, Strong Passwords


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