Students Send Letter to the President...And They Get a Response!

To Texas now, where some middle school students concerned about protecting marine sanctuaries, decided to share their concerns with the White House. Marine sanctuaries are areas of the ocean, set aside for conservation.

The students wrote to President Obama - and to their surprise, they got a letter back, saying that he's thinking about the same thing. The students told the president there is a need for more sanctuaries and for more support from politicians. They're still pretty excited about the president's response.

And it looks like those middle school students are onto something. Texas parks and wildlife officials also have interest in the project.

That brings us to this week's question. We ask you to write to us each week, but sometimes to create change, writing our elected officials can be more effective. So we've got a challenge for you. Think of something you would like to see changed or improved and write a letter to an elected official or community leader. We'll post some links on our website to help you find your local leaders. Send those letters to us too and we'll share some of our favorites on the next show.

Instructional Links

Interactive Website Activity: Scholastic, Learn to Write a Persuasive Letter

Website Article: National Council of Teachers of English, Writing Your Elected Officials

Website Article: How to Contact Your Elected Officials

Website: Cedar Valley Middle School, Round Rock, Texas

Lesson Plan: Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures, Exploring National Marine Sanctuaries

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