Simple Blood Test Could Detect Cancers Early

What if a simple blood test could detect cancer early -- when it's easier to treat? Well a new test that hopes to do just that is getting some serious investment from two of the world's richest people.

Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates -- along with the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos have led a 100 million dollar round of funding for Grail.

Grail is a new company developing a blood test that can detect many kinds of cancer much earlier than doctors are currently able to. Grail's new test, which researchers hope will be available in the next few years, uses a technique called a "liquid biopsy." It scans the blood streams of patients for signs of cancer DNA -- which can indicate that a tumor is forming. That's even if a doctor can't see it on a scan and the patient hasn't experienced any symptoms.

DNA acts as a blueprint, and carries all the information about how a living thing will look and function.

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