Shipwreck Found Off Coast of Columbia

The country of Colombia has announced a spectacular find - the wreckage of a Spanish ship that sank hundreds of years ago... and was filled with treasures!

President Juan Manuel Santos says a team of international experts, the Colombian Navy and the country's archaeology institute discovered the wreck of the San Jose last week off the coast of Cartagena.

It's believed the San Jose sunk in the Caribbean in 1708 after fleeing British warships. It's thought the ship may have been carrying millions of gold coins and gems from Spanish colonies, which could be worth billions of dollars today. So far, sonar images have shown bronze cannons and other weaponry. The area is being heavily guarded by the Columbian Navy while crews continue to work.

The treasure could also be the focal point for a big legal battle. A U.S. firm says they actually discovered the location of the treasure years ago.

Instructional Links

Interactive Map & Game: National Geographic, Find the Sunken Treasure

Website Article: The Wrecksite, San José (+1708)

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