President Obama Unveils Gun Control Plan

It's a busy week for the president, as he enters his final year in the White House. The Obama administration launched a final push on gun control Tuesday.

The focus of these actions…keeping guns out of the wrong hands. The plan encourages states to report people who should be kept from buying weapons. Officials say the initiative will call for expanded background checks. The government will also provide more money for mental health treatment and for research into so-called "smart" gun technology, that would scan fingerprints before a gun could fire.

On Thursday, President Obama will hold a town hall event called, "Guns in America", where he'll discuss the issue, and answer questions from the audience.

Actually though, the White House hasn't had much luck on gun control the past few years. Previous calls for universal background checks were met with near complete opposition from Republicans and mixed feelings from democrats.

Guns bring up a debate in our country and it focuses on the Second Amendment, which gives people, “the right to keep and bear arms.” Some people believe the president's initiative would undercut the Second Amendment, while others insist that something has to be done about gun violence.

So we want to know what you feel and that brings us to this week's survey question. Do you think the government has the right to restrict gun purchases? Vote yes or no. And we would also like to hear why you voted one way or the other. After you vote; write to us and let us know your opinion on this issue.

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