Nobel Prizes reward hard workers

one mysterious organization across the globe honored the people who are working to make the world better, as they’ve done for the past 114 years. 

The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded its prestigious Nobel Peace Prize; to Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos. 

According to the committee, the prize honors “those who have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses." In other words, those who work to bring peace to the world. Past winners include Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., South African anti-apartheid activist and politician Nelson Mandela, President Obama, and Mother Teresa, a nun and missionary known for her work with India’s poor. 

The committee sorted through a record number 376 nominees, and President Santos was awarded the honor after spending four years negotiating with a group of rebel fighters, known as FARC, to bring Columbia’s civil war to an end. 

[CLIP: Announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize 2016, Lower Third: Kaci Kullmann, Chair of the Nobel Committee] 

Many thought President Santos was no longer a contender for the award after Colombian voters rejected his peace plan - shortly before the Peace Prize was announced – but the committee respected his determination, and President Santos declared that the award would help renew hope for peace in the future. 

This award is for all Colombians, especially for the victims. And I also believe it comes at a very opportune time because I consider it a mandate to find a quick solution to this problem. 

As part of his prize, President Santos was given nearly one million dollars – which he says he’ll donate to victims of the Colombian civil war. 

When you write in to us this week, we want you to think about the Nobel Peace Prize criteria – to promote peace in the world – and tell us: What person in your life would you nominate for a Nobel Peace Prize, and why? 

The Peace Prize is just one of the prizes awarded by the Nobel Committee, There are five more awards: for literature, chemistry, economics, physics, and physiology. 

Physiology is a branch of biology that deals with the functions of living organisms and their parts. Japanese Cell Biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi was honored with that award for his groundbreaking research on autophagy (AW-TAH-FAGY) -- when a cell in the body breaks down to protect the rest of an organism. His experiments involved yeast, an ingredient in bread that ‘you’ can buy in the supermarket.

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