NewsDepth Petting Zoo: Friendship with Duck

Man's best friend has a different meaning for a girl and her pet in Maine.

 --REPORTER PKG-AS FOLLOWS-- I have no idea, because I have a lot YOU'LL FIND DOZENS OF PET TOYS. more in here , more, more... IN 5-YEAR-OLD KYLIE BROWN'S ROOM. YOU'LL ALSO FIND CLUES. it's a snowflake... TO HER REAL-LIFE PET WHO CAN'T ALWAYS COME INSIDE TO PLAY. Jana: how did snowflake get his name? UM, when he was like zero year's old I named him. Ashley Brown: We've had dogs, mostly. Ashley Brown/Mom:she had a couple of gerbils Jana: she loves animals? yeah, she loves animals. ASHLEY BROWN SAYS SHE'S NEVER SEEN AN ANIMAL LOVE SOMEBODY BACK.     a feather was in my boot! LIKE SNOWFLAKE LOVES KYLIE. quack! Ashley Brown: it was kind of on a whim that we brought him home...i thought 'it's a farm animal, it lives outside,maybe get some eggs from it' I don't know! I was not expecting this at all. quack quack duck SNOWFLAKE THE DUCK FOLLOWS KYLIE EVERYWHERE. HER MOM SAYS IT STARTED... DAY ONE. see he just keeps going! Ashley Brown: we brought him home, this little yellow furball is squawking in a box, and Kylie walked over to the box and leaned in, and he was quiet. THEY'VE BEEN INSEPARABLE EVER SINCE. ashley Brown:  everywhere she went he was quiet. and if she went missing, he would squawk and panic. OVER THE PAST SIX MONTHS -- KYLIE AND SNOWFLAKE HAVE PLAYED AT THE BEACH. THEY SWING ON THE SWINGSET. ON HALLOWEEN -- HE ROUNDED OUT THEIR "FROZEN" COSTUMES. SNOWFLAKE DRESSED AS "OLAF" THE SNOWMAN. Ashley Brown: they are best friends, but in his eyes, she's mama. She's mama duck.     BROWN SAYS KYLIE CARES FOR SNOWFLAKE LIKE A CHILD.     HE WAITS FOR HER AT THE BUS STOP TO GET HOME FROM SCHOOL.     AND SHE MAKES SURE HE GETS IN HIS NAP IN THE AFTERNOON. Ashley Brown: I've seen her grow up. she's become very responsible. she takes very good care of him.    BROWN DOESN'T KNOW WHAT BONDED HER DAUGHTER AND DUCK THAT FIRST DAY.     BUT WHATEVER IT IS,     IT'S TAUGHT THEM LOVE COMES IN ALL SHAPES, SIZES - AND SPECIES. Ashley Brown: he's family. he's definitely family.

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