NewsDepth Inbox: Season 49 - Episode #30

Last week we asked you to share how you practice mindfulness. Here's what some of you said: 

Julie, Summit Elementary: "There are a lot of mindful strategies that I use. One mindful strategery that I do is listen to calm music and music that I like to listen to. Another mindful strategery is that sometimes, I try to take walks. After, another mindful strategery that I do is that I enjoy playing with my family, and take the stress away for me! A mindful strategery that I like to do to is exercise and to stretch. It helps me be mindful because it makes me feel confident, active, and healthy. Finally, I do running to help me feel mindful. It helps me because it helps you want to run more, and also like exercising it makes you feel healthy because it is how you feel good in many ways."

Isabella, Parkside Elementary: "A way that helps me have a growth mindset and be happy is, I take a walk, I play with my friends and sometimes I like to sing and dance, also when I have negativity I pretend to throw it away and that is how I get a growth mindset and be happy."

Matthew, Heritage Elementary: "A way that my school tells us to keep calm is "Take 5." It is called Take 5 because you take 5 deep breaths. You stick out your hand and put your other index finger on the bottom of your thumb. Next, you slowly breathe in, and when you breathe in you make your index finger go up to your thumb. Then, you would breath out and make your index finger go down your thumb, then on and on with your other fingers! That is one way my school tells us to keep calm!"

Alex, Dodge Intermediate School: "My slimeball is mindfulness because I like squeezing stuff and chewing gum-- it releases my stress. Almost everything you can squeeze I like it and when I want to get into a fight I squeeze my stress ball."

Asharri, Springdale Elementary: "The strategy I use is yoga with my mom on Saturdays. She says it's a great way to let out all the negative felling's and its a great use of are energy and plus its very fun!!!"

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