NewsDepth Inbox: Season 49 - Episode #24

Last week we asked you to write in and tell us where you would place a nature camera. Here's what some of you said:

Amaya, Summit Elementary: If I got to choose where to put a nature cam, I'd put it in an open space in our woods. Once I saw a bunny but I didn't see it CLEARLY, but if we had cams, we could just watch those! We would also know when to go out and see things in the woods! It would be cool to see an animal and hold it maybe up close.

Ian, Gilles Sweet Elementary: If I would have an opportunity to put cameras in Ohio I would put it under Lake Erie and get a special camera to put underwater so I can see all the fish every time it moves it snaps a picture.

Quinn, Avon Heritage Elementary: I think the best spot to set up an animal camera would be my backyard, we are always seeing all different kinds of birds, animals, and plants. Once we saw about 15 wild turkeys running around in our backyard, and my grandma was joking around and she said to my dad," Go get us our main course for Thanksgiving dinner.

Brayden, St.Peter's School: In North Ridgeville, there is a camera set up at Sandy Ridge Reservation. It is set up to watch the Eagle nest. You can watch the babies hatch and also see the mother caring for them. There is also a telescope set up on the reservation to see the nest as well. It is one of my favorite spots in North Ridgeville.

Rylan, Bruce Elementary: I would put a cam underwater so I could see if I could find a new kind of fish I watch underwater cams all the time it really cool once I saw a fish that looked like a dolphin and a shark together it was cool.

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