NewsDepth Inbox: Season 48 - Episode #7

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  In this week's episode, we learned about a law passed in California that only allows pet stores to sell rescue animals, not animals from breeders or animal mills. We want to know: do you think all states should ban selling animals from breeders?

Frankie, Claggett Middle School:  I believe that there shouldn't be breeders and the animals should come from animal shelters. Breeders are the reason there are animal shelters. So many animals are dying every day at animal shelters because nobody wants them, either because they aren't cute or they are mean, but those animals are most likely mean because they haven't had a nice life. Some breeders are nice and they take care of their animals, but puppy mills abuse the dogs and take the puppies away from their mom to sell them, then take their mom and use her to breed more puppies, and they only do it for the money. That is why I think states should ban breeders and all dogs and cats should come from animal shelters. 

Cooper, Buckeye Intermediate:  I think breeders should be able to sell dogs because shelters could sometimes abuse dogs or not know how to take good care of them and puppies might go without their mothers’ care, which would be bad.

Sofia, Central Intermediate:  All states should ban selling pets from breeders. I think this because the breeders are cruel to the pets. They only sell the pets that look the best. The breeders also don't take care of them like they should. So the pet stores are selling pets that are not taken care of and some breeders are illegal.

Makena, Rock Creek Elementary:  I don’t think they should ban selling mill bred pets because where will they go? I think these pets should just be able to be sold at stores so they get the chance to be sold to someone who loves them, wants them and will care for them. Plus, if they would just stop letting the mothers of the mill bred pets reproduce then, those pets that could’ve been born weren’t born which kind of is just sad and unfair. I do think they can sell rescue pets as well. The store should help the pet, make it able to be sold and heal it. These animals should get just as much care as the other pets and deserve to have the same chances to have a great life. I know they aren’t humans, but they should still get a lot of respect. They deserve care, a good life and love.

Taylor, Greentown Intermediate:  I don't think any states should ban breeder pets because for one breeders may train their pets before giving them away. Another reason is that you might get the type of animal you want and that they probably don't have any diseases or broken legs. We had a dog Lucy for one week and we found out that it had every disease a dog could have and one broken leg.  I was so sad when we had to give her away. I really think that breeders should be able to sell them because if breeders can't sell them at stores than why is there such a thing called breeders.

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