NewsDepth Inbox: Season 48 - Episode #25

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  This week we learned how communities are helping the deaf. Write to us and tell us how your school or community helps the disabled.

Ava & Jenna, Bellevue Elementary: Our school helps the disabled by having certain people that help them get around the school. They have buses that help kids in wheelchairs so they have enough space on the bus. They have special rooms were the kids with disabilities can get special help or guidance. We also have many kids who are friendly to them.

Sadie, Jojo, and Stella, Evening Street Elementary: We don't have too many disabled people at our school, but we are always nice to people! There are kids in wheelchairs time to time though! If they are a bit lonely, we would totally talk to them to cheer them up! Another thing is that we have a friendship bench at our school playground so when we see somebody on it we always go say hi and ask if they want to play!

Anaya, Pleasant Run Elementary: My school helps special needs people by helping them to learn and read. We have a little hallway with rooms just for them and when I was in 4th grade, the teachers needed 3 students to help, and I was one of them. They can help the special kids do a survey on which instrument we like better and they are just like the other students actually really smart. That's how my school helps special need.

Ella, Ford Intermediate:  My name is Ella, and I am actually hard of hearing. My school buys this microphone and it comes with two other pieces that the student put in the hearing aid, and the microphone connects to the hearing aid. The teacher wears the microphone around their neck and the student is able to hear them clearer. That is one way the community helps disabled people.

Madelynn, Maryland Elementary:  My school has teachers who work with disabled kids so that they can participate in school projects and stuff like that. At my school everyone is very kind to disabled people. The kids help them and can play with them because we have teaches bring them out to recess and walk around with them. My school is very supportive and they love to help people and see their faces when they are having fun.

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