NewsDepth Inbox: Season 48 - Episode #22

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  Tell us what your favorite book is and be sure to explain why!

Emma, Pleasant Run Elementary:  My favorite book is Harry Potter. The reason why is because I always imagined myself being a wizard and use magic like levitation and disarm. My dream wizard home is Slytherin which is known for being sly.

Liam, Roxboro Elementary:  My favorite book is called Masterpiece.  It is by Elise Broach. There is a beetle named Marvin, who can make art. I like this book because I like to read books. I also like it because I enjoy doing quizzes on them. I read this whole book with my school, "One School, One Book", this year.

Maragert, Evening Street Elementary:  My favorite book is Wings Of Fire, Darkness of Dragons.  In the beginning of the book two dragons set of too find two more dragons. On their journey they run into danger and end up having to save a friend. After they do that, they learn there is a battle about to go on and then they stop and everything goes back to normal, but not for long as we learn in the epilog. I like this book because there are so many twists and unexpected turn and it is full of action. Also there are dragons, I LOVE DRAGONS!!!

Cole, Rushwood Elementary:  My favorite book is Little House on the Prairie. The reason why I love it is because I love to learn about the past and get a picture in my head to feel what it might feel like, and to wonder how hard it was to build things like houses farms it must of been hard back then in the 1800's.

Emily, Greenbriar Middle School:  My favorite series is the American Girl books. The girls have problems like us, but we can relate to their problems, not like the fantasy books.  They also can teach you stuff about all of the states that you would never know if you didn't visit there.  

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