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NewsDepth Inbox: Season 48 - Episode #18

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:   In this week's episode, we learn about geotracking. Write to us with an example of when you think geotracking could be helpful or harmful.

Ollie, Central Intermediate:  Geotracking may be helpful, but it could also be dangerous. Many army men use Fit-bits to help track their exercise and sleep. This seems to be helpful, but because there are geotrackers inside the device, enemies can track where troops train. Knowing this information, they can attack our military bases. Even though geotracking is helpful for every day activity, it could be threatening to army troops.

Hayden, Summit Elementary:  Geolocater can be helpful, because if someone is lost people will be able to find them. Another reason why is because they can help you find a way back to your base.  They can be harmful if the enemy can hack the system and see where they are.  I think soldiers should take the bands off unless they are out in an unimportant spot or place.  Thanks to my great teachers Miss. Corbitt, Mrs. Hill and Mr. Turner, I can understand and give my best answer to the question.

Mrs. Sattlers Class, Ayer Elementary:  We all think that geotracking is bad. We think it's bad because we don't know the people who can see it. For all we know, someone is tracking us to plan an attack. At the same time, it could be good, because it would be a good way for scientists to track how much exercise people in every country get.

Emily, Greenbriar Middle School:  I think that the US troops should not use the fitness tracking for many reasons. First, what if the enemy hacks into the system? Then they can see exactly where the US is. Second, the fitness tracking materials would be just one more thing that if the person gets shot than the enemy can just take is off and see very easily where the rest of the troop is. In conclusion, I think US troops should not use the global fitness tracking.

Sydney, Buckeye Intermediate:  I think that geotracking can be good, but it could be very bad too. Geotracking is good because, if someone gets lost you could find them.  It could also be good because, if you're in a maze and can't find your way out you can look were you've been already. A bad reason is people can track you when you aren't lost. Also you could have people showing up at you're front door.