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NewsDepth Inbox: Season 48 - Episode #14

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  In this week's episode, we learn how different animals react to the cold. Write to us and tell us how you react and why!

Natalie, Beverly Center Elementary:  I voted that I would act like a penguin and I would rush inside, because I get too cold when I'm playing. After I get on about 50 pairs of socks, I run outside and only play for five minutes before I get too cold. Then, I make some hot cocoa and heat up. That's why I picked the penguin on this week’s vote.

Paiton, Claggett Middle School:  If it is cold outside, me and my sister play outside together. We like making snow angels, sledding, and forts if we have enough patients. After a fun day playing outside we come in and have hot cocoa or some warm tea.

Adriana, Olmsted Falls Intermediate:  I chose to play like a panda in the snow, because I really am not a freeze baby.  I love to play in the snow when I have someone to play with. Usually my favorite thing to do in the snow is when my dad attaches the sled to the back of his four-wheeler and pulls me and my sister on the sled with his four-wheeler. Another thing I like to do is try to build a snowman, but it usually does not work out that well, so instead of building a snowman me and my sister have a snowball fight. I could play in the snow all day if i wanted to.

Brady, Munroe Elementary:  I would freeze in one spot.  One time I put on two coats three pairs of pants and two gloves on each hand then I put on two hats and a hoodie and 25 minutes later I crawled inside.

Liberty, Waynesfield Goshen Elementary:  I would play outside like a panda, because I think you should enjoy the snow while it lasts.  Snow is only really in winter, other that you can see sunshine and rain almost all year. While you are outside you can do fun things like build a snowman, make a snow angel, make a snow fort, or have a snowball fight!