NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #8

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  Do you have any artifacts or memorabilia in your family from military veterans?  Write in and tell us about them.

Mykala, North College Hill Middle School:  I enjoyed the topic about the poll.  In fact, I do have a veteran relative; actually I have 4 relatives that were in the military.  The relatives are my mom, uncle, grandma, and my grandpa.  I enjoy the poll question even more because the military is how my grandma and grandpa met.  I’m lucky enough to say all my relatives that were in the military are still alive!  My mom was in the service as the nurse and she said it was kinda tough doing her job.  My grandma said they would have to get ready in 5 minutes, that includes taking a shower, getting dressed, making the bed, brushing your teeth and etc. I think it takes me five minutes to do one of those things. My uncle was actually in a war! I was impressed to hear all my relatives’ stories.

Ben, New Bremen Middle School:  My great uncle Jerry was in Vietnam and he got a Christmas card from his girlfriend and he tucked it in his helmet.  A bullet got shot at his head but the card stop it from hitting his head.

Patrick, Rock Creek Elementary:  I do have a member of my family that is a veteran.  Two actually, one was my uncle and another was my great grandpa.  My great grandpa brought back some really cool memorabilia like a helmet, two gas masks and a little utility belt that held a water canteen and first aid kit.  It was really cool when I was told that it was actual stuff from the war because I like history as well as it being from WW II.  Also there is this cool story that I thought was amazing that my grandma told me about him. This story was that he had gotten a metal cover Bible from one of the kids from where he was fighting and put it in his vest over his heart.  When he was fighting he heard a “tink” and here the Bible had saved his life from by deflecting bullet.

Jesse, Falls-Lenox Primary:  We also celebrate Veterans Day at our school.  What we do is we have breakfast with our veterans and then we have a little ceremony.  Then we can bring our veteran to our class and check out our work that we are working on.  The first graders make place mats and the second graders clean up and take us to the cafeteria.  Then the third graders make a speech and they have people come over from the high school and they play the trumpets.  The song they played was Taps.  We all went inside and we made pictures for our veterans.

Amelia, St. Susanna School:  I have relatives who are veterans.  Both of my grandfathers were veterans and my cousin is a veteran now.  One of my grandfathers was in the Marines and the other was in the Navy.  In school, we had a special ceremony for these veterans, and it made me really start to realize the things veterans do for our country.  There is a really famous quote I have heard and I really like it:  "Land of the free because of the Brave." I really like this quote, and this helped me realize how much veterans really mean to this country!

Rachel, Orrville Middle School:  I have quite a few family members that are veterans.  My grandpa (his name was Richard) fought in the Vietnam War as a captain in the Air Force! He had a Purple Heart badge and lots of other badges.  Sadly he died in war, but my other grandpa was also in the Air Force! Most of my grandpas were air force but, my other grandpa was a coast guard!  I wouldn't be surprised if my great grandparents were in the army too!

Trevor, St. Peter School:  I wanted to say yes to the poll about veterans.  My Papa served in the Army during Vietnam.  My great Papa served in World War II at Okinawa and Iwo Jima.  I called him to tell him about the oldest man with the highest honors who is 95.  My great papa is 93.  He just got his medals from the war three years ago from a veteran who helped him.  The next time I visit my great papa I will take a picture and send it.  He has a lot. My mom wanted me to add that the USO was helpful to my great grandma who followed him all across the US until he went to Hawaii to fight. She is also 93.

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