NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #4


Question 1: Should people be forced to evacuate their homes when there are dangerous storm, or should they be allowed to stay if they want?  Be sure to tell us why you made this decision.

Manny, Greentown Intermediate:  I voted for they have to evacuate, because I think people should have to evacuate.  If they don't they will be putting them self in danger and other people if they have to go save them.  The people in Florida who did not evacuate were in serious danger.

Eliza, Columbus Gifted Academy:  I think that people should be allowed to stay home if they want to during a storm. I think this because it is their decision if they want to put themselves in danger. They should know that they are putting themselves in danger and they are not going to be saved first because they decided to stay home. The best choice would probably be to go to a shelter. That is why I think people shouldn't be forced to leave their houses' during a storm.

Aly, Rushwood Elementary:  I think people should be allowed to stay in their homes during a horrible storm.  I think this, because then if they do stay in their homes those people have a good chance of being safer during the horrible storm verses when people leave their homes and have a good chance of getting hurt really, really bad.  Also, I think people should be allowed to stay in their homes during a horrible storm because then you may not have anything to protect yourself or you may not have enough money to afford the stuff you need before the storm appears.  I also think this because if the objects you need for the storm might cost like 50 or more bucks then you might be tortured or something like that if you don't get out of your home before the storm evacuates to your city or town.

Liam, Kensington Intermediate:  I think people should have to evacuate their homes during dangerous storms because if they stay there is a very likely chance that they could be seriously injured. And if they choose to stay and then need a rescue, the people rescuing them could be seriously injured too. I don't think they should stay because it's too big of a risk for both them and the people rescuing them.

Addi, Chagrin Falls Intermediate:  I think people should not be forced to stay if they really don't want to, but I think that they should listen to the experts and move because you don't know how strong the hurricane will get. It could start at category 1 and you might be ok, but it could start there and go all the way up to category 5. Then you get hurt or your house could become flooded or knocked down. That's why I think you should have a choice, but also listen to the people that know what they're talking about.

Boscus The Lizard, Pleasant Run Elementary:  Hi, I'm Boscus, Mr. Anderson's lizard, and I saw the whole segment from my cage.  I got to say, you got a pretty nice news show, and I think people should evacuate if there is a flood or, hurricane warning because they are putting themselves, and the rescuers in danger, which is pretty self-centered if I do say so myself. Well, that was my opinion on Thursday's segment.  This is Boscus, signing off.

Question 2: What person in your life would you nominate for a Nobel Peace Prize, and why? 

Erin, St. Angela Merici School: I would like to give a Nobel Peace Prize to Pope John Paul the II, because he was shot in the heart and barely survived, and forgave the man who did that to him.  I can't even imagine how much courage that would take to forgive someone who would do that.  I have heard many great reports about him, and everything sounds wonderful about him.  I wish I could remember all that happened when he was the Pope, and my teachers say that when they were young he was pope for most of the time.

Madelyn, Cardinal Intermediate: I think the new animal wildlife habitat is good for the animals. Some of those animals couldn't live in the wild like they were doing. The animals need a nice safe home where they can live the rest of their life safe. Also there habitats are cool where the people can actually see them. The people who saved those animals are awesome.

Kadiray, Maryland Elementary:  If I had a Nobel Prize to give out to someone, I would give it to my parents for taking care of me, having me go to a great school, with great friends, and with great teachers.   I would also give out a Nobel Prize to my teachers for helping me learn, fix mistakes, and help solve problems. I would also give it out to my friends that are always by my side and help me get up when I need them at the time.

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