NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #3

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK: During an election, should someone be able to put up as many political signs as they want?  Is it their First Amendment Right or should they be considerate of their neighbors?  Be sure to tell us why you feel this way and share any other tricky First Amendment rights situations you have in mind.

Willow, Columbus Gifted Academy:  During an election, I think people should not be able to have that many signs out because it could disturb their neighbors.  If next door they were doing something very important, they could mess it all up! Even if the president they wanted to win won, the neighbors might have been upset about it. If I were them, I wouldn't have done it!

Maia, Maryland Elementary:  Last year, at my old school we did something called the Simulated Congressional Hearings (SCH).  For SCH, we had to learn all about the Amendments, one of them being the First Amendment.  So I have some opinions about what I saw on the show.  Of course cities, states, and countries have laws and rules.  Sometimes, Amendments come first, other times, laws come first.  I think in this situation he could have freedom of expression until someone complains.  If I were his neighbor, I would be upset.

Aly, Rushwood Elementary:  I do not think people should be allowed to put as many political signs in their yard because what if you run out of room?  If you run out of room then you might put some of your signs on someone else's property.   I also think that people should not be allowed to put as many political signs in their yard because if you have more than your town or city allows, then you have a good chance of getting a riot or maybe go to jail if you don't get enough people to help you.  Last I think this because people might get stressed by seeing all those signs over just one candidate.

Abby, Ankeny Middle School: Voters should be able to put up as many political signs as they want during the election, because the First Amendment states the freedom of speech.  As long as voters stay with-in the boundaries of their own yard, they should be able to express their beliefs.

Evelyn, St. Peter School:  I vote No.  It is important to be considerate to your neighbors and follow local laws.  Even though in America we have the Freedom of Speech, as citizens, we have to follow laws.  The local law that limits the number of political signs in your yard does not keep you from expressing your political views.  Instead, it keeps your neighborhood looking nice.

Austin, Mayfield Middle School:  I think he should be always be allowed to have up signs because it follows the first amendment "saying" that you have the freedom of speech in America and I think they should follow that amendment.

Lauren, Elmhurst Elementary:  Okay, let's be fair about this "sign" topic.  I don't think that people should have a limited number of signs in their yards.  I do believe that because we should be able to express ourselves, but at least have some common courtesy for our neighbors and be considerate.  I mean, there is only so much sign room in your yard. 

Gracelyn, Evening Street Elementary:  In the survey, I voted yes.  People should have the right to put as much signs as they want in their yard; it is their choice who they want to vote for. When I drive to different places there is always at least 1 house with 5 or more signs.

Ava, Chagrin Falls Intermediate:  I thought that the history behind the American flag was really cool. I thought it was cool because Ohio is the only state out of 50 to have a swallow tailed burgee shape and the rest are rectangular. I thought it was cool because the two circles are meant to represent the ¨O¨ for Ohio and also to look like a buckeye. Also, I liked how the 13 stars represent the first 13 colonies. What a cool flag we have here in Ohio.

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