NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #28

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  In this week's poll, we ask: If you could bring an animal back from extinction, which would it be? After you've voted, write to us! Tell us how you voted, let us know about another extinct species you'd like to see return, or tell us why de-extinction might not be a good idea in the first place!

Caleb, Olmsted Falls Intermediate:  In the poll I voted for the Passenger Pigeon, because the giant beaver is scary to some people (me), and the Dunkleosteus looks scary and looks mean.  Now the Bucardo, I think it just looks like a goat and is the same as all the other goats so it wouldn't really be new. Then last the Passenger Pigeon, I think it would be a cool thing to watch it do things and study it.  It doesn't look mean, it doesn't hurt AND it looks different than the things we have now!

Mrs. Reich's Class, Dodge Intermediate:  If we could bring back an extinct animal we would bring back the Woolly Mammoth. We would bring back the Woolly Mammoth because they are cute and covered with fur! Also, it looks like a hairy elephant and we love elephants!

Kyle, St. Susanna School:  I would bring the passenger pigeon back because I think they died in the most unjust way. They were hunted to extinction rather than getting killed off by predators. The passenger pigeon deserves another chance to live without being hunted.

Troy, New Knoxville Elementary:  I voted for none of them, because I would rather just be safe in my nice home and have a Ram instead of a Bucardo, a Pigeon instead of a Passenger Pigeon, a Beaver instead of a Giant Beaver, and a Catfish or Shark instead of a Dukleosteus.

Mrs. Arbogast Class, Gilles Sweet Elementary:  Our class would love to have the Bacardo come back to life - we all laughed at the name. To be honest, my favorite is the horns they are so big and pointy. It would be so cool to see it come back to life or just to see. That's why we would need to have the animal come back to life.

Daevon, North College Hill Middle School:  The topic I enjoyed the most was Spot on Science, because scientists are trying to clone or bring back animals from extinction and I think that is awesome.  I do not want them to clone them, because what if what if we do something and the Idea goes wrong.  Like with the Woolly Mammoth, it will probably stomp on us and hurt us and that will not be nice. The animal I want them to bring back is the passenger pigeon. The pigeon should be brought because it's very smart and I think that we humans could learn something from it and that will be a lot helpful and make technology and the world better.

Tyler, Rock Creek Elementary:  I voted for the Dunkleosteus to be de-extinct because it would be the most dominant swimming creature in the ocean and sea.  It would take over the oceans and seas or just any type of water and be the king of the waters.  I also want to bring the Dunkleosteus because I believe that is looks very dominant and scary so that is how he would rule the waters.  One more thing is that I believe that the Dunkleosteus just looks good in general.

Maya, Maryland Elementary:  I would bring back the passenger pigeon because too many people are phone obsessed. I think if people got excited about using a pigeon they would stop using phones - at least for a little while!  It would make us all healthier and happier people!

Charlotte, Waynesfield - Goshen Elementary:  In this week's poll, I picked Passenger Pigeon because I would love to have birds around today that can actually send letters to other people! I have seen them in movies before and have always thought how cool they are! Plus, if they were still around, it would just be really cool to have a bird that is like - a mailman! Some of my classmates wanted to have the Wooly Mammoth come back but I didn't choose it because of how large it is. Don't you think it would be silly if a large animal related to an elephant was just cruising down your street all casual?

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