NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #27

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  What piece of Earth would you adopt?

Hannah, Minster Elementary:  If I could adopt a piece of the planet Earth I would want to adopt a place where there are people everywhere, like Florida or California.  It might take some extra work to clean up all of the trash, but that means I could make a bigger difference with how healthy and clean are Earth could be.

Anna, Shaw Elementary:  If I could, I would choose to adopt a piece of Earth in Australia also!  I would like a place around the Capricornia Cays and the Great Barrier Reef. Visiting the Great Barrier Reef is on my bucket list and I have always wanted to go snorkeling there to see all the different kinds of coral and fish there!

Riya, East Woods Elementary:  If I were to own a chunk of the earth, I would own a part of the Caribbean!  I went on a cruise to the Caribbean on my spring break and I loved it!  I liked making sand castles on the beach. One thing I really enjoyed was snorkeling.  I even saw sea turtles!  I think that the Caribbean would be the perfect part of earth to own!

Kaleim Preston Elementary:  I would adopt the parts around Lake Erie because I want to make it look better by cleaning the river.  I was at my Grandparent's house in Ashtabula and the river was polluted! That made me mad!  I want to make the Earth happy.

Milenka, Rock Creek Elementary:  If I was able to adopt a piece of the Earth, I would adopt a piece in Africa. I choose a piece in Africa because there are lots of endangered species in Africa such as the rhinos. With someone protecting it, poachers would not be able to kill the rhinos for their horns or skin. My piece of land will be a safe house for the rhinos on the run from poachers.  Poachers will not be able to get to the rhinos if they are on protected land

Haley and Macy, West Branch Middle School:  We would adopt the Pacific Ocean, because we could stop littering and make the ocean clear, blue, and beautiful! We both love to go to the beach, but when we learned that the ocean is littered, we were so sad!

Lola and Alex, Albert Einstein Academy:  We would pick the coral reef, because of the bleaching effect taking place. We want to make sure the coral reef was safe and the ecosystems that live there are alright. The coral reef is a beautiful place and we want future generations to be able to enjoy like us.

Miss Saba's Third Grade Class, Wilson Hill Elementary:  If we could adopt any piece of Earth, we agreed that we would choose Wilson Hill Elementary. It is our school and we love it so much! Everyone at our school is nice and we want to own a piece of Earth where everyone is kind! Finally, we know this location and all of our friends are here!

Addyson, Bellevue Elementary:  If I could choose a piece of land to adopt I would definitely adopt Pig Island in Hawaii. There are wild pigs everywhere. I heard they are very nice. I raise pigs so I would love to visit there.

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