NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #26

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  Try your hand at poetry!  Write a poem inspired by what’s around you – your school, your neighborhood, town, or state.

Emily, Greenbriar Middle School:  I am writing a poem about my horse.

Running, Galloping, Jumping,

My name is Pumpkin

I am a Welsh Pony

I look like a carrot

I hear my hooves on the dirt

Running, Galloping, Jumping

Cesca, St. Francis de Sales Parish School:

The very start of a nice spring day

Let's take some looks in nature's way

Breathe the scent of good fresh air

Feel the breeze through your hair!

Devon, Greenview Upper Elementary: 

Oklahoma – A poem about my street

Friends and family in the sun

Riding bikes up and down the street, having a lot of fun

Female deer roam freely

Kids play sports with others

Dogs walk with their owners

Bunnies jump and play with others

Avery, Falls-Lenox Primary: 


As I get in the water ready to swim

Then I blast off I'm going to win

I cannot be beat

As I kick my feet

I get to the finish line

Knowing I did fine

I have one to go

As I see the swimmers flow

Then I'm done I had so much fun

I just remembered that was the last one

Now I'm all done

That was so fun

Sarah, Huntington Elementary:  Here's a poem I wrote.  It's funny and silly!

The Wise Alarm Clock

Rise up the day has just begun,

Most likely easier said than done.

The bed works wonders and I don’t want to leave And the alarm clocks barking up the wrong tree.


So I turn it to snooze and go back to sleep And my dream is so dull it’d be sold for cheap.

Most dreams have lots candy

And beaches quite sandy.


But my dream isn’t quite that dandy.

There’s brats, and cats, and chats with gnats, And mats with hats, there’s rats that won’t scat, And prats that have bats.


As the dream continues I hear something I’ve heard before Something I thought was rotten to the core. 

What was it you ask?

I’ll tell you at that


It was my school bus driving away.

What I always wanted to go astray.

That evil thing that toke me to school

 I always thought it was rather cruel.


At first I thought it was a dream

But I was wrong and wanted to scream.

As I hurry to get ready for school

I realized I had been stubborn as a mule.

Next time round, I will arise


Because my alarm clock is very wise.

Turns out I turned it off

Would my mom be mad or would she scoff?

I guess I’ll find out!

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