NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #25

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  What current crayon color would you retire?

Quinn, Westwood Elementary:  I would retire the color Blue Violet.  First off, it looks exactly like the color Indigo.  Next, if you get rid of the color, the other colors will get more attention and Crayola will get more money.  Lastly, the crayon wrapper (which is purple) doesn't match the actually color of the crayon. You are able to see Blue Violet because the colors blue and violet are reflected back to your eyes while all the other colors are absorbed into the crayon.

Mallory, St. Raphael School:  I would want Ocean Blue to retire because I am not a fan of dark blue. To replace Ocean Blue, I would like a Neon Pink. I draw a lot and I do not use that color at all, but I would use Pink.

Drew, Meadowlawn Intermediate:  If I got to choose a color to retire I would retire a pink crayon of some kind or the yellowish green.  I would get rid of the pink crayon, because there are so many different shades that are unneeded.  I would get rid of the yellowish green one because it isn't even a green it is pretty much just yellow.

Karissa, Albert Einstein Academy:  I would probably get rid of the macaroni and cheese color. It is in the sixty-four pack of Crayola crayons.  It is just another shade of orange.  I think it is a little ridiculous that some crayons have the name of food. The macaroni and cheese shade of orange is the exact same shade as most of the oranges. In the sixty-four pack there are a lot of oranges. I think we should get rid of a crayon that is the same color as most of the oranges, and has an unnecessary name.

Carter, Kensington Intermediate:  I would retire the crayon Red Orange. I always found it so strange to have two colors together and I can never tell if it is red or orange! I think it would be a good idea to retire this crayon.

Lacey, Olmsted Falls Intermediate:  I think that Crayola should get rid of white. White does no good unless you use it on black paper! And then if you use black paper some colors might not show.  I would get mad if that happened to me!

Ashley, Independence Middle:  If I could get rid of any color in the Crayola box I would probably get rid of white and replace it with a pretty pink/purple. I believe that white should get taken out because, no one uses white, and most people use white paper to draw/color. White doesn't show up on white paper and in my opinion there is no use for white. I don't know about other people's crayon boxes but in mine if you looked in it the tallest crayon in the box would white for I don't use it. 

Ella, Westwood Elementary:  If I were to choose a color to retire from Crayola it would be Lime Green. This is because generally no one uses the color and it is not as important as some of the general colors such as red, yellow, or green. Also, the color is very light and sometimes gets mixed up with yellow or light green. If you were to do this is could ruin your picture. Finally, the light green crayon looks too much like the lime green crayon giving it no purpose to be included at all.

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