NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #24

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  Would you get an online eye exam instead of going to a doctor? Be sure to tell us why you voted this way.

Emily, Minster Elementary:  I would not want to take an online eye exam because you might be able to read everything on a screen but not on the board in school. I use to not be able to see the board because I needed glasses then I finally got them and can see the board in all 3 classes. 

Zen, Jackson Center Elementary:  Yes, I would use my phone to check my eyes because my mom wouldn't have to make the long drive there and I wouldn't have to wait for her to drive us there.  I also think that kids shouldn't be missing school to go to an eye doctor when you can just check your eyes right then and there

William, Vangorden Elementary:  I would much rather go to an actual eye doctor.  For starters, on the test when you have to read letters or numbers, people could cheat and stare up at the screen really close. Also, I would trust an actual person more because they would actually know what they are doing.  Plus, staring at screens can hurt your eyes.  When my teacher took a survey of the poll, only one person said to go online! I think going to an actual eye doctor would be so much better, even with your eyes getting dilated, eye drops, etc.

Graham & Maya, Central Intermediate:  We selected no, because sometimes you can't always trust your actions.  If you went to an eye doctor in person, you would most likely get better help, and they always know to give you exactly what you need. Also, the eye doctor is much safer and sometimes the Internet is not always the answer.

Tabitha, Orchard Hill Intermediate:  I voted no to taking your eye exam online, because it is just not right.  I know a lot of people think that oh it's online now so I don't have to go to the eye doctor's. Well I don't think that my dad and my sister need special prescription glasses to help their eyes. The eye doctors help figure what type of prescription they need.  Also, if we all just took it online eye doctors would lose their jobs and I don't think that's fair.

Emmy, Meadowlawn Intermediate:  I would not take an online eye exam because, I wouldn't trust it.  As a lot of people say, things on the Internet aren't always true.  From what my mom says I have 20/20 vision, because of that I don't go to the eye doctor much.  On the other hand, my brother has glasses and goes to the eye doctor to either get a check-up or get new glasses.  Just last year, my brother couldn't see without his glasses.  He used to be able to so my mom told him to try contacts.  If he was to take an online eye exam it wouldn't mess him up because he sits in the playroom in the dark playing video games on the computer.  I think it would mess me up because of the brightness on your device.  The brightness might make you squint and that would mess you up on what you see.  This is why I wouldn't take an online eye exam.

Brian, Hopkins Elementary School:  I would rather go to an optometrist than do an online exam because if you have questions about your eyesight, you can't ask the website.  Plus, you could get distracted when doing the exam.

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