NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #23

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  How old is the oldest person you know?  What makes the senior in your life special?

Emily, Greenbriar Middle School:  I know a lot of people, but the oldest person I know is 61 years old. She is my horseback riding trainer named: Meghan. My horse’s name is Trick-R-Treat, he is 20. Meghan rides him once a week because he is a stubborn little pony, and needs to be ridden by an adult to give him a wake up reminder. Meghan also owns two horses named: Enki, her dressage horse, and Penelope, her jumping pony.  She is trying to sell Penelope but she isn't selling.  I ride Penelope sometimes. I do show jumping.  Trick-R-Treat is a Welsh/American Quarter horse cross.  Enki, is a Hanoverian, and Penelope is a Welsh/American Quarter horse cross too.

Chia, Independence Middle School:  I voted in the poll and I said over 70. My grandma is special to me because she likes to shop with me wherever I got and she makes the funniest jokes. She is amazing and she helps me bake and cook. Also she likes to play with the dog and she likes to make stories up with me.

Saanjali, Westmister Schools:  The oldest person that I know is 81 years old and he is my grandpa. Although he is old, he does have a great sense of humor, loves to make me laugh, helps me with all my needs, and is my favorite grandpa. Although he is old, he can do whatever I can do!

Emily, Minster Elementary:  The oldest person I know is 93, which is my great grandma.  She is still very active and she still is farming with her husband, my grandpa in West Virginia. My great-grandpa always likes to ride four wheelers.  I love them and hope they stay alive for ever.

Lindsey, Meadowlawn Intermediate:  My grandpa is 64 years old.  He is special to me because he has Alzheimer’s disease and they said 2 years ago in September that he would not live until Christmas and he is still alive now.   That is why he is so special to me.

Carson, Jackson Center Schools:  The oldest person I know is 103.  She is my Great-grandma!  She means the world to me, because she taught me how to make her very great molasses cookies. They are wonderful.  Even though she is very old and wrinkly, I will love her deeply!  I hope to live 103 years like her, and teach my grandkids a lot like she did!

Abby, Ayer Elementary:  I chose over 80 for the poll because my great-grandma is almost 100 years old. She always inspired me to do my best at everything. We always celebrate a holiday at her house.  It is usually Christmas.

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