NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #21

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  If you were a zookeeper, would you announce if an animal is expecting (pregnant)?  Be sure to tell us why you answered this way.

Anna, Silver Lake Elementary:  If I was a zookeeper I would totally announce an animal's pregnancy. It would bring in more visitors to my zoo because so many people love baby animals!  They are so cute! (Not considering the fact that even a stink bug is cute in my point of view.) I think that people would even enjoy seeing the mother and how she is doing while she is pregnant with the baby. An animal's pregnancy from a zoo should be known by the public.  It's important for the public to know these things so they can support the zoo and the soon to be animal mama.

Sadie, Evening Street Elementary:  I chose no because then the zoos would be less crowded when they do come. I like it when the zoos aren't crowded.  People are always so tall and say if a baby bob-cat was getting born and the zoo told everyone, then the bob-cat part of the zoo would be super crowded.  So many people are so tall and since I am only eight I am small and that would make it hard for me to see the other bob-cats.  If I was a zoo keeper, I would keep it between the zoo employees and the zoo employees only!

Adylan, William Bruce Elementary:  I think zoos should announce when animals are expecting. I think this because lots of people are animal lovers.  Zoos could have a baby shower for the mother and baby.  The zoo-cook should make a "leafy cake" for the mother animal.  What a zoo-per celebration!

Kenneth, Maryland Elementary:  If I were a zookeeper, I wouldn't let people know if one of our animals was pregnant!  I think it would be more fun to surprise our visitors.  Also, it would put less stress on the animal.   If people found out she was pregnant, her exhibit might get crowded.

Jatanyah, St. Jerome School:  I picked yes, because I think a lot of people are interested in finding out about animals and their pregnancy.  Zoos everywhere should have some type of news or information about animals so that people can stay tuned with animals in zoos or even in the wildlife. I also think that it can be very educational in an everyday class room experience in the subject science.

Benedict, Shaw Elementary:  The reason I chose no on this week's poll is because many animals can get stressed and die. I would not announce the pregnancy to the public because people will come just to see the pregnant animal and it will get stressed.  Also, if it is a miscarriage or the baby dies, it will be a disappointment. This is why I would announce the pregnancy and birth a few months after the animal is born.  I'm interested in this because I want to be a zoologist when I grow up.

Cameron, Granby Elementary:  I voted yes because schools would be able to watch and study the animal, especially if you are learning about life science like the science class that was on last week's NewsDepth. This would also help attract people to the zoo which would bring in more money so the zoo can continue to make it a wonderful place for people and animals.

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