NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #19

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  Who is the last immigrant in your family?  Tell us what you know about your immigrant ancestor – specifically when did they come to the U.S. and where did they leave to come here?

Leo, Westwood Elementary:  My great-great grandfather moved from Russia to the USA.  He went through Ellis Island and bought an apartment in 1881 in New York.  He opened a newsstand on a sidewalk to sell the New York Times.  My poppie’s mom helped him run the newsstand to sell the newspaper. That is how my great-great grandfather moved from Russia to the USA.

Milenka, Rock Creek Elementary:  My great grandmother and great grandfather (my mom’s dad parents) both came from Czechoslovakia (now called the Czech Republic). They spoke Czech until my grandfather was kicked out of school because he was unable to speak English, because all his parents spoke was Czech at home. This forced them to learn English but, my grandfather can still kinda speak Czech. That is also the origin of my name making sweetheart. My great-great grandmother (my grandmother’s grandma) came right from Germany and spoke German as my grandmother was growing up.  My mom’s and dad’s side both came from Europe but, my dad’s side came from England. The immigrants that came over made a new and better life here.

Nicholas, Chagrin Falls Intermediate:  My parents are the last immigrants in my family.  They came from Colombia to the USA in the year 2000.  I am very proud of my heritage and I think that all Hispanics should be as well.

Maggie, Meadowlawn Intermediate:  The immigrants in my family were my great-great grandparents. On my dad's side his great-grandparents came from Italy and Scotland.  My mom’s side came from Germany.  My grandpa still has his grandpa’s paperwork and I ask to touch it but he says it's too precious.  He also has tickets the factories he worked in.  I think it is very cool to see stuff from when the older generation came.

Sage, Maryland Elementary:  On your show you were talking about immigration as a matter of fact my dad and his parents are immigrants from the Philippines.  My dad moved from the Philippines when he was a little kid with his parents (my grandparents).  I've heard stories of them living in the Philippines.  Well, my grandmother lived on a farm with her parents they've raised sheep, chickens and sheep. They even had a monkey that lived in their backyard. My grandparents and dad moved to the U.S in the 70's.  I believe they first moved to California and now we live in Ohio.

Sophia:  Edison Elementary:  My mom came to America from Kiev, Ukraine when she was 18 years old. She came here to be with her family who were already here. I feel proud that my mom is an immigrant and wanted to come to America.

Connor, Kensington Intermediate:  My great-grandfather George was an immigrant.  He traveled by sea from Greece to Ellis Island in the 1920's. He was assigned a job on the railroads in Boston. Years later he ended up in Cleveland and opened a successful diner.

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