NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #18

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  In this week's episode, we saw Mexico's "Ambassador and Knight of the Sea" set sail to spread peace and goodwill. We want to know: If you were on a mission to spread a message about the United States -- what would it be?  Also, don't forget to tell us what your ship's name would be!

Molly, Rushwood Elementary:  If I was on a mission to spread a message, my message would be, "Don't litter!  It is bad for the Earth and maybe in a couple thousand years if we keep this up, Earth might not even be on the maps and we would have to move to another planet that can support life!"  If I said that, I would probably be correct. Even some scientists think that the world won't be here if we keep littering on the ground. Some fish have already died because we humans have polluted their home.  Trees have also been cut down and when they cut down trees, the cars have made so much air pollution! My boat would be named "The Savior."  It would be named that because it wouldn't puff out so much smoke.  It would also be environment friendly.

Cademon, Maryland Elementary:  My message to the other countries would be an invitation kind of like the poem Ulysses.  It would tell other countries that America is an open country and will accept one and all, immigrants escaping danger or just people who want to come to America for other things, like work or family.  It would also tell them that America is a safe place to live.

Haley, Buckeye Elementary:  If I were on a mission to different countries around the world, my message to all of the civilians would be to stop animal abuse.  I think that animal abuse could not only endanger all kinds of beautiful animal species, but it could also offend communities who are trying to protect and defend animals around the United States.  I would gather some of my friends and family members to travel on the ship with me, because my family loves animals, especially cats.  My ship would be called "Protect the Paws," and we would take a few shelter animals with us to prove our message.

Laith, Eastview Elementary:  If I were on a mission to spread information about the United States it would be that we will gladly have you come to our state.  My boat name would be “Citizenship.”  The reason why I would go around the world and tell people that they are welcome here is because all over the world there are refugees and they would be free. Another reason why I voyage across the world is to spread the message that people are welcome here is because some people might dislike their country and government. The last reason why I would voyage to countries is because people may not like the taxes that they pay every month.

Caty, Gilles Sweet Elementary:  I would name my boat “The Branches,” because it would mean everyone would be equal and in power. My boat would spread equality, fairness, and kindness to all; even to all the bad people causing wars, to the poor people with needs, and the regular people.  

Annie, Independence Middle School:  If I could spread a message around the world I would send a message of anti-bullying and compassion for all people even if they are different.  Also, I would name my boat "la diversité" because it is French for diversity.

Elizabeth, St. Mary School:  If I were to share a message about America it would be that we don't want to keep immigrants out of America because they might need a better home. Some immigrants could help us in the United States. Also, I would tell others that the United States are trying to help clean up space's garbage and get them to help out as well. My ship would be called “Bookworms” because I love to read.

Adrianah, Austinburg Elementary:  If I could have a ship I would name it “Respectful Peace.”  I would travel to Mexico, India, and others to show respect and peace for what color skin you have and what you believe in.  Whoever wants to be on the ship would have to agree to never judge.

Maya, Maryland Elementary:  In your most recent piece you had a part on shooting stars.  I did not see the most recent shooting star but I made a poem about them.

See them streaking up above

From the world we wonder 'bout

See their fiery beautiful trails

There also deadly there's no doubt

See them graze the atmosphere 

Watch them from afar

Why, oh why, do you come here?

Beautiful shooting star 



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