NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #16

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  In this week's episode, we highlighted a few of President Donald Trump's recent executive actions.  After watching, write to us and tell us: What would your executive action be?

Robbie, Botkins Elementary:  An executive order I would put into place is a temporary ban on guns.  I think if we want to make our country safe we should start with the dangers within our walls.  I feel that we should solve problems with love, not hate.

Olivia, Independence Middle School:  My executive action would be to have a four day week day instead of a five day work week so that we would get more time to relax.

Alex, Evening Street Elementary:  If I were President, my executive actions would be to stop racism because it's a big problem.  I would also let more refugees into the United States; it's not human-like to reject refugees who are suffering.

Maia, Munroe Elementary:  If I made an order right away in the President's shoes I would have a law that litter would be not allowed.  If you love animals then you should support this because if you leave things like zip ties or plastic, animals may have gotten caught on them or have it stuck around their necks. They, unlike us, do not have the tools to get them off and it may kill them.  If anyone breaks the law I will just have them work community service, like picking up litter!

Patrick, Rock Creek Elementary:  If I were to make and executive order it would be to have the rich pay more taxes than the poor, so that the poor would have a better lifestyle.  After all it seems like all of the rich people find ways to avoid paying taxes, one of them has a pretty big label on his now. This might be able to balance out the economy, so that the poor wouldn’t be so poor, and the rich would probably stay the same.  They are rich after all. 

Carson, Bellevue Elementary:  If I could change something with the flick of the pen, I would stop the construction of the pipeline or a least curve it around the Native grounds.  I think that all American citizens should have their own rights, and if the Native people want to stop the pipeline because of the need of their water then I think that's ok.

Miss Payne's Third Grade Class, Falls-Lenox Primary:  Our class was really fascinated when we learned all about the new laws for immigrants.  We did not know that Donald Trump signed an agreement that immigrants must wait 90 days before they can come to the United States.  We cannot imagine leaving our country and not being able to return.  We wonder, how many countries are protesting because of Donald Trump’s decisions.

Alex, Independence Middle School:  If I had an executive order, I would do development of our space program.  Development of our space program would benefit us because we could go back to the moon, and one day Mars.  I have planned a ship called the Prometheus, a ship that changes how we go to space. It is a rocket and a human base, in one place.  I envision the future were this ship goes to the moon, and mars, because it is one piece, not two, the main reason of space junk.  It would also be a good step forward for ships like we see in Star Trek. That is my executive order.

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