NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #15

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  If you were to organize a March on Washington or even in your city or town, what issue would you march to support and why?

Sarah, Westwood Elementary:  If I were to organize a march for an issue, the issue would be marching to end bullying.  Bullying is something that is happening currently and I would want to end it because everyone is special in their own way and everyone is to be treated equally.  I also feel that everyone should be friends even if they have a disability or has a different skin color or religion.  So, I believe that marching to end bullying is an amazing idea and that bullies should quit making fun of people and people should stand up for their friends, family or classmates.  There is no reason why to hurt someone if they are different in their own way.

Joey, Memorial Elementary:  I would march for kids with disabilities.  I would wear blue, red, and green.  We would march for that because to me friends can be whoever you make them.  We would march around the Mall in D.C. because a lot of people go there.

Grace, Maryland Elementary:  I would protest for all equal rights, if your white, black, male, female, LGBT, have a disability, or anything else, the important matter is that you're a human being.  And as human beings, we have a responsibility to take care of one another; so I would protest for equal right among all humans.

Devin, Citizens Academy:  I would organize a march for people to start recycling.  I would start a march for people to recycle, because when you recycle you can use it again and when you look for something you will have it and more people can use it.  Maybe if you recycled we can stop pollution and have a better environment.

Amy, Rushwood Elementary:  My favorite part about this week’s News Depth was the frozen bubbles.  It is just so cool how the soap on the outside freezes like that.  It was also really cool when it was frozen and they took the bubble wand and broke it because it was like a hollow snow ball melting.  My second favorite part about this week’s NewsDepth was the ice balls in Lake Michigan.  It really is like forming a ball for a snowman.  My last favorite part about this week’s NewsDepth was the ice circles.  It is so cool how ice can form a circle and just stay on the top of the lake and spin around.  

Adrianna, Rock Creek Elementary:  I thought the Women's March was definitely necessary.  I would definitely participate in this march.  I agree that women have always deserved the same rights as men.  I agree that sometimes people disrespect women and treat them differently.  I would protest about the issues we have now.  I would protest about everything that they were protesting about in the march.  I wouldn't protest about Trump's choices.  I am not saying I dislike Trump and I am not saying that I like Trump, but people always make mistakes and Trump may have made many, but that doesn't make him a bad guy. He can help us. I don't think anyone should protest about anyone else. We need to have a little faith in everyone!

Sydnie, Maryland Elementary:  I wrote a poem about the Woman's March because I'm a big believer I'm human equality.

We will not fight

Because King said to do it right

Don't expect me to back down

When things take a turn for the worst

We all have one thirst

Equal Rights 

Feminism is said to know we are here

And I know this isn't Shakespeare

In the great words of Harri Holkeri "Men and Woman have Roles-But their Rights are Equal."

We yearn for attention so we shout "Hay, People."

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