NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #11

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Should Facebook try to limit “fake news” on its site? Be sure to tell us why you made this decision.

Luke, Royal View Elementary:  I voted yes Facebook should fix fake news on their site.  I think the public should have information about what is currently happening in their world.  With fake news, people would think certain things are happening even though they are not currently happening.

Ellie, Cassingham Elementary:  I voted no in the poll, because I think Facebook is for sharing things, not just true information.  Someone might want to share a false website because they wanted to show that it was false, in a funny way.  If Facebook took that away, they couldn't share that.  I also think that people would know if it was false or not, whether they were the one posting, or the one looking at it.  Also, Facebook can teach people how to tell if a website is false or not.  It could also be used for teaching purposes, if the teacher was teaching how to identify a false website for a project or something like that.  Someone could ask their friend if they could find a false website, and a true one for class.

Natalie, Westwood Elementary:  Facebook should try to limit fake news on their site.  First of all, if people are posting fake news, people might think it’s real and get in a panic.  Also, if people think the fake news is real, the news could spread, or the people who posted it could get in trouble.  Another reason is, if people keep posting fake news, Facebook could get in trouble for allowing this nonsense on their site.  I also say this because people who are aware of the fake news on Facebook, could think that real news on Facebook I fake, and not get informed.  That is why I think that Facebook should try to limit the fake news that people are posting on their site.

Joshua, Preston Elementary:  In the poll I answered yes because the fake news could be misleading and it could get people confused whether the post is real news or fake news. Also if it says something that is true you might think that it is false information because there is so much false information.

Stephen, Rock Creek Elementary:  I voted that Facebook should limit the amount of fake news that it puts out.  I voted this way because when people see false information on Facebook that they think is true, and then they get the wrong information about something.  Just put the correct information about something and save all the drama from happening.

Jessica, Olmsted Falls Intermediate:  I voted yes that Facebook should not be able to post false information.  I think that when they post false things or rumors people will start fights or cause commotion because of people posting it.

Emily, Dodge Intermediate: In this week’s poll I answered yes to limit fake news, because it might make someone unhappy about who they are or what they look like.  When you try and make something a joke it might hurt someone else’s feelings.

Mrs. Holtwick, Memorial Elementary:  All 20 students in my class today say that Facebook should eliminate fake news from their website. We feel this way because there can be many lies on Facebook and you don't want people to hear a lie and believe it's true. You don't want to believe what is fake instead of what is true. This is why we believe Facebook should remove fake news!

Mrs. Regedanz, Mary’s West Intermediate:  Our class voted no in the poll, because we think that only true things should be shared on the Internet and Facebook.  We would not like it if someone said untrue things about us or our friends and put it on Facebook.  Lots of people may see it and believe it, when it wasn't even true in the first place.

Mrs. Burke's Social Studies Classes, Main Elementary:  We were excited to learn about Ohio's geological rock formations in the Know Ohio segment. Our school is near Caesar's Creek Lake, and in the spring, we are going there on a field trip to learn about fossils and to hunt fossils. We hope to find some trilobite fossils. We really enjoy News Depth and look forward to what you and News Cat have to share!

Lauren, Rock Creek Elementary:  I liked "Pipeline Construction Stops."  Personally I am very happy for the Rock Sioux tribe they deserve to have their land and they should be happy they saved the people and the water resources of those states.  People should start thinking more about the cause of what they're doing and not just think on what it benefits.  If there was a leak so many people would be affected and animals that drink that water and the animals living in it would die. Thank goodness for the Rock Sioux tribe they really helped a future manmade disaster.

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