NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #10

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  Should votes in the Presidential election be recounted in states with close races? Be sure to tell us why you made this decision.

Milenka, Rock Creek Elementary:  I voted No in this week’s poll.  Jill Stein should stop fretting over losing the presidential race.  3rd party candidates normally do not win.  That is why 3rd party candidates did not get many votes like Trump and Hillary got.  If there was a mistake in the vote counts, the mistake would have already been accounted for and fixed. Trump has already started getting everything ready for when he becomes the president. The popular vote does not always matter. The Electoral College matters and they voted for Trump. That is why Trump is president and Jill Stein is not. People can stop trying to find and way to get them to be president. The president was already picked and if Jill Stein, they would have picked Jill Stein.

Caedmon, Maryland Elementary:   I think they should do a recount because it is the election after all, and if Donald Trump was right about someone or a group of people are tampering with the votes, then they should make sure that it didn’t effect the outcome of the election in a big way.

Maggie, Isham Elementary:  I voted no for the recount in the election because I feel that we should leave the election as it is.  If there is funny business there is a pretty good chance that it happened with Trump too.  Plus if it is recounted and Hillary Clinton does win, there could be some fighting and confusion with the fact that Trump was just removed from the president spot.

Mackenna, Rushwood Elementary:  I think states with close races should be required to recount their votes, because if they counted their votes and accidently missed one then the votes could be not counted right and the person with the least votes could end up winning! Let's say Hillary Clinton had 1,036 votes and Donald Trump had 1,033 votes.  I think they should recount their votes just to make sure they counted the votes right.  Also, I would make everybody vote again, but that could be hard to get everybody to get the information!        

Marie, East Woods Elementary:  I think the Government should change the voting system but keep part of the Electoral College and replace the other half with the popular vote.   Basically, if the winner of the popular vote beats their opponent by at least one million votes, they become president.  But before, you do the Electoral College because if the winner of the Electoral College's opponent doesn't win the popular vote by one million, then the winner of the Electoral College just becomes President.  Plus, people who like the Electoral College still get to keep it while people who like the popular vote get the popular vote.

Kamil, North College Hill Middle School:  I enjoyed the topic about the Artist Recycles Waste.  I thought it was very creative and smart.  Most people would just throw out waste fluids but John Sabraw wasn't like everyone else. He actually made it into paint and art.  I’ve heard of people using water bottles, boots, toy trucks and much more just to make flower pots, but never in my whole life have I heard of people using factory waste to make paint

Olivia, Parkside Elementary:  I was fascinated about information about Elephant Toothpaste.  Maybe when I grow up I will be a chemist. I think it will be fun to mix chemicals together and make a new type of chemical.  To ants, when an Elephant Toothpaste explodes from the jar it will look like an Elephant Toothpaste volcano exploding.  But do you really think Elephants could use those Toothpastes?  I think they'll probably burn their tongues.

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