NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #9

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What does your school do to make a positive impact? 

Claire, Chagrin Falls Intermediate: I really like the idea of having kids 10 and under to not head the ball. Although, I do not think that it should be illegal. I think that if kids have other options like trapping it on their chests or knees, they should use those instead. I think this because I got a concussion for that exact reason! The ball was coming at me fast and I got knocked out. I really like this idea but do not think that it should be that strict!

Trey, Chagrin Falls: I liked how people around the world support Paris. I think it is so cool that they did that. I also liked the people surfing for veterans and think that is so nice.  My school does something to make people to feel special. We have a theme this year called Realize U, and do extraordinary. This is so everyone feels special.

Marisa, Bassett Elementary: At our school we have buddy bench. If kids need a new friend or if somebody needs someone to play with, they go to the buddy bench. We even have a no bullying club.

Mrs. Aitken’s 4th Grade Class, Hadden Elementary: Our class really enjoyed watching last week’s NewsDepth because it focused on a lot of positive activities taking place. The Operation Surf is a great way for our Veterans to feel better about themselves and learn to do something new and fun.  It is nice to see Cavaliers players take time out of their busy schedule to spend time with children who survived or are battling cancer. Getting dressed up and walking down a runway would make anyone feel special. And, our favorite story was the Friendship Rock. We thought the friendship rock was a great way to make new friends and make a student on recess not feel so alone.  We think this would be a great idea for all schools to incorporate to encourage positive friendships and interactions with your classmates.\

Olivia, Waynesfield Goshen: Hi NewsDepth, I loved the section were you talked about the Native Americans. In fact we were just learning about all of the tribes. I love Know Ohio and learning about our state. Thanks for the weekly news NewsDepth.

Grace, Waterford Elementary: At our school we have a group of high school girls that come in to talk to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade about things like boys, makeup, bullies. It’s a great positive thing to do. It’s called GirlTalk.

Mrs. Montgomery’s Class, Ella Canavan: Our school has a buddy bench instead of a buddy rock! Here is a picture of our school's buddy bench. We love how it is decorated with bright and cheery colors. Our buddy bench helps us if we are feeling sad, lonely, or if we don't feel like we are being included. We can go and sit on the bench and make a new friend. Everyone feels left out from time to time so it is nice to have the buddy bench to go and sit on. No one ever sits on the buddy bench for very long because we always look and if we see someone on the bench, we go and ask if they want to play with us. It is a great way to make new friends. Great work on covering this story NewsDepth. You guys rock!

Paradise, Roxboro Elementary: We do Sharing the Love. When you have compliments to give to each other, you write them down on a note and put them in that person's pocket on a board in our classroom.  We also have a rock that you inspired us to do.  Our class thought we should do that because some people don't have anyone to play with when they go outside, so they can go to the rock and find someone to play with them!

Mason, Buckeye Elementary: When you, Rick, started talking about concussions everybody in my class started looking at me because I just got done healing from a concussion. When you said the survey question everybody shouted out my name. I'm now feeling 100% myself again. Rock on Rick!

Lily, Ayer Elementary: I loved the story about the friendship rock. At my school we sometimes do something where the tables have a colored balloon and conversation starters. You get colored piece of paper and you sit at the table with that colored balloon. I love NewsDepth and can’t wait for the next one to come out!

Jalyn, Mulberry Elementary: My school has made an impact by adopting the three r's. The three r's stand for respectful, responsible and ready. I think that the three r's have really made an impact in our school because kids have brought their homework every day and are always ready to learn.

Caeli, School of Innovation: Hi Rick, well instead of making a difference at my school we are making a difference in our community. The 225 kids at my school raised over 5,000 pairs of socks in October. We also are doing two other drives right now, The Stocking Project and the Humane Society drive. You should come and visit our school some day and see how much we are making a difference.

Leeann, Riverside School: I liked the story about the whale because it was an Orca.  We learned about an Orca this week.  An Orca is the state of Washington's mammal.  I would like to see an orca someday.

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