NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #7

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK: If you could name a city or town, what would you name it and why? 

Grace, Dodge Intermediate: It is good to have a family of two children. I live with my parents and my twin sister. If you have too many kids, your precious BBQ chips are divided into little servings. But if there is only one kid and your friends aren’t there, there is not a lot to do.

Annamarie, Dodge Intermediate: I think that Monarch butterflies should be studied this way because they make very, very long trips from the U.S. to Mexico for the winter. By studying Monarchs, scientists will be able to find out how many of them travel in a group.

Mari, Rushwood Elementary: Today on NewsDepth, I enjoyed when you talked about the Cleveland Clinic and the hearts because it was just so cool to see Kelly working and how she worked with patients. I also liked when you talked about the 95 year old getting a diploma because it was so exciting to see her get a diploma. For the question you asked, I would name my city Mariville, because that is my first name and because it would be cool to name a city that.

Hailey, Rushwood Elementary: I really enjoy NewsDepth, its way better than my mom’s news. Since I play soccer, I LOVED the part when the women’s soccer team visited the White House. If I could name a city, it would be named Haileyville. The reason why it be named Haileyville is because that is my name. Keep up the good work, NewsDepth.

Kailey & Connor, Falls Lenox Primary School: If we were to name a city in Ohio, we would call it Hochevarville, because our family's last name is Hochevar.

Brianna, North College Hill Middle School: This week my favorite topic was the one about the 97 year old women who got her diploma. Mr. Rick, if I could choose any name for my town name it would be Brisville because my name is Brianna, but at home my family refers to me as Bri.

Payton, Versailles Middle School: Thanks NewsDepth for adding Versailles on Know Ohio. I was very satisfied that you put us on NewsDepth. ROCK on NewsDepth!  

Lauren, Riverside School: I liked the story about China. One person shouldn't run the government. There should be a balance of power just like we have in the United States (Yep...we just learned about the 3 branches of government).

Erika, Summit Elementary School: I love NewsDepth. I always love when you do the special Ohio times on the show. It is amazing how the producer’s cat can be able to remember how to do that. I also love cats, so every time you do NewsCat, I always want to clap. Just ask my friends. Also, I love NewsDepth.

Michael, Lee Eaton Elementary: Seeing someone’s heart without going inside is really cool. I wish I could do that so I can help people who have heart problems. And maybe save a life!

Ava, Olmsted Falls Intermediate: I think a good name for a city is Manufacturingville because Cleveland is a major manufacturing center.  It would be located near Cleveland, Ohio.

Carly, Olmsted Falls Intermediate: Hi, NewsDepth!  I would name my new city Lebronville because I love sports and LeBron is the "king of basketball" in Cleveland. LeBron plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. I love News Depth and my class watches it every Friday. There are always so many interesting facts that we learn each week.  Thank you NewsDepth.

Kyle, Olmsted Falls Intermediate: NewsDepth, if I named a town in Ohio I'd name it Shawnee Town because of the Shawnee Indians that lived in Ohio in the 1700's. I'd put it near Marietta because my science and social studies teacher read a book called Danger Along the Ohio. It takes place near Marietta Ohio and it has Shawnee Indians in it. Also my cat exactly like NewsCat! 

Seth, Evening Street Elementary: I think that it is a good idea that China is having a two child policy because there will be more people to carry on their family businesses. I also like the idea for the refuges in Germany, so more homeless people can have a home.

Mikayla, R.C. Lindsey Elementary: I would hate it if a blimp fell near my area and made the power go out!  Do you like it when the power goes out? I don't! I wish I were able to introduce the president! Our school mascot is a Viking. I think that it is so cool that people dress up their pets for Halloween! Well, I actually could not dress up my pet for Halloween because my cat would not stay still! I would name my city Safesville, so that only safe people would be allowed to live there. I love NewsDepth!

Olivia, Westerly Elementary: My class loves watching NewsDepth. We watch it every week. We get to catch up on all the important things that happen each week. I thought it was nice how they gave that lady her diploma after all those years. Also, it was sweet how she helped her sisters after her mom died. Thanks News Depth, we really love the show!

Tessa, Maryland Elementary: I think that one couple having two children is a good idea. I think that because in the video they talked about their increase in old people in China. They also talked about their economy needing young people for the job. So, that is a good idea to change that law to two children per couple than one child per couple. But it is also fair that each couple gets a choice if they want two children or one.

Nathan, Ayer Elementary: I have really liked watching NewsDepth this year. It gives me something to talk about during Sunday dinner. Plus, to answer your question, if I were to name a place in Ohio I would name it Jerryville because of how much I love Tom and Jerry.

Emma, Tremont Elementary: The Indonesian smog story was very interesting! I hope the residents and orangutans in that area will stay safe. Also, it was very cool when the United States Women's Soccer team visited the White House because I really look up to that team. Lastly, if I could name a city I would call it Dotado, which means "gifted" in Spanish.

Cole, Sherwood Elementary: I think it is wrong in China for them to only have two children. For example I have two brothers and I love them both very much! One is only one year old, that means if I lived in China I would not have him. I also think it is so cool that a probe can see internal organs. I know what a probe is because my mom had my one year old brother. I think it is weird how it senses the heart beat too. Me and everyone at school cannot wait for the next NewsDepth. Thank you so much Rick and the crew, you guys are the BEST!!!

Lindsey, Greentown Intermediate: I am a big fan of you and your show. I think how the guy was alive during his brain surgery was cool. I want to be a Labor and Delivery nurse when I grow up. My sister and brother both want to go into a medical field also.

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